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Hi there, I know you are wondering whether this is something you should give a try. Let me tell you my experience – heart to heart – children love to be appreciated. A hug, kiss and a clap go a long way to build deep rooted self-esteem. And what better way is there to appreciate a child than gift them their own original creation.

I’m Arthi, a first time mother of a beautiful two year old and now a first time entrepreneur as well. I introduce myself in that order because without the former, the latter wouldn’t have come to life. About six months ago, on a quiet summer evening, I realized my little one was starting to try to say something to me. She did it relentlessly in her own way until I finally caught on. The idea struck – I began recollecting all those countless times I’ve seen children sharing their original ideas and communicating in their unique styles. Stories scribbled on paper, through sketches from school assignments, rambling during meals after a long day at school, while playing with their imaginary friends or on their gaming consoles… such a rich collection; reminded me that we need to do more to get to know these little people and fuel their imagination even further.


So, with the dream of filling the world with scores of these stories and musings, I have set out to do a lot of things I’ve never done before. Along the way, I’ve found some amazingly creative friends who share my dream and are on board to bring ‘Bubble’ to life. We have carefully crafted a model to produce books that are eco-friendly and creatively inspiring. Every book we produce will be a labor of love and a reflection of the boundless creative capacity of your child.


We’re confident, you surprise your child this one time, and they’ll come roaring back with many more.


Give us a shout if you have questions or well, quite simply, just want to chat!


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